1. Settlement procedure

1.1. The Client independently opens / registers an account on the Company’s website (in the Trader’s Cabinet). As a result of registration, the Client is allocated a trading account number (login) and two passwords (trading password and investor password). The fact of the transfer of the specified data (login and passwords) to the Client is the Acceptance of this Agreement and the moment its provisions enter into force.

1.2. The client replenishes the trading account within 30 calendar days from the moment of its opening by the amount not less than determined by the conditions for the corresponding type of account (minimum initial deposit).

1.3. The company has the right to close / cancel an account with a zero balance if the life of an account with this balance exceeds 15 calendar days. The Company has the right to close / cancel an account with any balance if the period of non-use of the account and its existence with this balance exceeds 90 calendar days by sending a preliminary notice to the Client. The Company provides a refund of the Client’s payment details that were used last when they transferred funds to the trading account or when they were withdrawn, if other details were not provided by the Client within 5 days after the notification of account closure was sent to the Client.

1.4. The client has the right to withdraw from his trading account an amount that is not used to cover the margin.

1.5. The client draws up an application for withdrawing money in the Trader’s Office in electronic form. Upon receipt of a payment application from the Client, the amount withdrawn from the trading account is deducted from the balance of the Client’s trading account.

1.6. Money transfer according to the details of the Client is carried out within two banking days after receiving an application from the Client. Money transfer for applications not related to trading activities (clause 4.13) is carried out within ten banking days after receipt of the application.

1.7. The client receives the details of the Company for the transfer to replenish the trade balance on the website of the Company or draws up an application for replenishment in electronic (sent using the interface of the website of the Company) or in writing.

1.8. When replenishing the account, the Client uses the current details of the Company received only on the Company’s website on the day of payment. Details are considered to be current, received no earlier than 24 (twenty-four) hours before the payment. The Company is not responsible for the funds transferred by the Client to the accounts and for details different from the current ones, does not search for and refund the Client’s payment, as well as crediting these funds to the Client’s trade balance. Issue of accounts for replenishment of the trade deposit, as well as receipt of current details, is made in the appropriate section in the Trader’s Office on the day of payment.

1.8.1. It is not allowed to replenish the trading account from third parties. Such payments will be returned to the payer, with the commission costs paid by the owner of the trading profile.

1.9. The client assumes the costs of withdrawal and deposit of funds. These expenses include fees for transferring funds in payment systems (at payment system tariffs) and for transfers in another way.

1.10. When replenishing the balance of a trading account using electronic payment systems (BTC, MasterCard and others), the Client has the right to order payment according to the details of the payment system that was used to replenish the trading account in the appropriate currency. In case of withdrawal of funds received as profit from trading operations, it is possible to order withdrawal in other payment systems and / or in other currencies.

1.11. As part of the AML policy against the legalization of proceeds of crime, the Company has the right to refuse to transfer funds at the details that do not correspond to those from which the account was replenished. This refusal does not mean the Company’s refusal of payment obligations, but is interpreted as a security measure associated with a possible erroneous indication by the Client of the details for receiving funds. The Company may request information confirming the correctness of the details and their affiliation to the Client.

2. Responsibility of the Company and the Client

2.1. The Client is notified and agrees that the Company is not responsible for the actions or omissions of the Client during the conversion operations. Responsibility for the state of the trading account rests with the Client.

2.2. The Company retains the right to amend this Agreement by notifying the Client at least 2 business days before the entry into force of the changes. Notification is also considered the placement of information on the central page of the site for a period of at least 3 days, as well as in the personal interface of the Trader’s Cabinet.

2.3. All the powers and obligations of the Company and the Client are a long-term act, up to receiving a notification from the Client about the termination of this Agreement or the closure of a trading account.

2.4. The Company does not assume responsibility for the failure to fulfill any obligations caused by the insufficient quality of information passing through the Internet to the Client’s terminal; as well as when using information, software and website interfaces that are not owned by the Company.

2.5. The Client is aware that any market recommendations and information provided to the Client by the Company, its representatives or third parties does not mean an offer to complete a transaction / transaction.

2.6. The client is aware that:
a) any payments made by the Client at the details received earlier than 24 hours before making a payment or not on the Company’s website in the relevant sections, and which differ from the current details of the Company, do not entail the liability of the Company and the obligations to search, return or crediting this payment to the Client’s trade balance;
b) any actions performed by the Client or by third parties (through the fault of the Client or with his participation) that destabilize the work of the Company, its services, equipment or software, may lead to the refusal of the Company (on the basis of private law) to service the current trading account of the Client with full payment of the amount remaining on the trade balance in the absence of open market positions. The client is notified by the Company of the reasons for this decision without fail. The Company also has the right to refuse this Client in the subsequent registration and maintenance of a new trading account.

2.7. The client declares and warrants that:
a) The client is sane, adult and financially wealthy;
b) The client is able to trade in the Forex and CFD markets;
c) The information provided by the Client of the Company is true and correct. The Client shall inform the Company of all changes to such information within one day from the moment of its change.
d) The E-mail specified by the Client is not a postal address of general, group or shared use with third parties. All messages, requests, claims and information received from this address – comes on behalf of the Client and is reliable.
e). The Client has read and accepts the conditions described in the AML policy of the Company on counteracting the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means; and if necessary, I am ready to provide documents identifying his identity, as well as confirm the authenticity of the bank card holder or other payment details.

3. About the risks of the Client

3.1. The client understands that the risk of losses during trading can be very significant. The client must analyze their financial capabilities before performing trading operations.

3.2. The client realizes that he may completely lose primary funds and any additional funds that he uses in the process of trading on the market.

3.3. The Client agrees that the Company is not liable for the Client’s losses caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the government, currency or market rules, suspension of trading, military operations or other conditions, usually called “force majeure” and not subject to control by Companies

The Company does not reimburse the Client for lost profits or losses incurred, as well as moral damage, if the subject of compensation is associated with unfulfilled actions or intentions of the Client to take any action in the future.

3.4. The client is informed about additional risks associated with the features of the functioning of electronic trading systems, with problems of Internet communication nodes.

3.5. The client bears all responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of access data to the trading account and is obliged to prevent the possibility of third parties accessing the trading devices. Losses and risks of the Client associated with the restoration of access to the trading account do not impose obligations on the Company, except for the provision of new access data to the Client, provided that the Client is clearly and unambiguously identified as the owner of this account.

3.6. The Client confirms that when proceeding with the execution of trading operations with real cash, he:
a) acquainted with and understands the principles of the international Forex market in a volume sufficient for transactions (according to information from articles posted on the Company’s website, as well as from third-party sources available on the Internet);
b) acquainted with and understands the principles of the shoulder when making trade transactions;
c) acquainted with the functions of the trading terminal described in the help file (access by pressing F1 in the trading terminal);
d) understands the principles of pricing in the Forex market and is familiar with the features of charting in the trading platform;
e) passed the necessary training, performing trading operations with virtual funds on the demo account of our Company for at least one month. The condition for pre-training is not a mandatory requirement, but only indicates a possible lack of understanding and risk assessment by a Client who does not have practical experience in transactions;
f) realizes that it significantly increases the risk of losing money on the trading account (up to 100%) when making transactions (opening orders) without using loss restriction levels (StopLoss) and profit fixation levels (TakeProfit), as well as when using more than 20% free cash as collateral for transactions.

4. Rules for concluding transactions

4.1 The client, using electronic access, can only issue the following orders of a trading nature:
– OPEN – open a position;
– CLOSE – close a position;
– Set (delete, change) Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop orders.
No other orders are valid and are automatically rejected

4.2. A confirmed order to open / close a position cannot be canceled, amended or withdrawn.

4.3. The transaction is carried out by the Client at the suggested Bid / Ask prices, which he sees in the window of the client part of the trading terminal. The client during the trading session selects the desired operation and makes a request for price confirmation by the Dealer.

4.4. If the price changes during the execution of the request or in case of increasing market volatility, the Dealer has the right to offer the Client a new price; however, the Dealer’s response time may increase until certainty in the price appears. If the proposed price does not suit the Client, he has the right to refuse the proposed price.

4.5. The dealer has the right to reject the Client’s request to open a position if the free margin is less than the margin required to secure this position.

4.6. Pending orders (Sell Limit, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Stop) as well as Stop Loss and Take profit orders on Forex and CFD trading instruments for shares are executed at the Client’s stated prices at the first touch of the market price; except for the situation when the opening price of the order is formed at the moment of the beginning of the trading session or in case of sharp changes in the rate of a financial instrument (for example, when financial news is released). In this situation, pending orders are executed at the declared prices of the Client, if the first tick is less than 10 points from the declared price. Otherwise, the Company has the right to execute orders at the price of the next tick.

4.6.1. On W-ECN accounts, the amount of leverage depends on the amount of equity in the trading account: 1-1000 $ – leverage 1: 500
$ 1001-5000 – leverage 1: 200
5001-10000 $ – leverage 1: 100
$ 10,001 and more – leverage 1:50.

4.6.2. On W-PROFI, W-INSTANT, W-CENT accounts, the amount of leverage depends on the amount of equity in the trading account: 1-1000 $ – leverage 1: 1000
$ 1001-5000 – leverage 1: 500
$ 5001-10000 – leverage 1: 200
10001-50000 $ – leverage 1: 100
50001-100000 $ – leverage 1:50
$ 100,001 and more – 1:33 leverage.

4.6.3. The company has the right to increase the Limit & Stop level parameter for orders of financial instruments up to 20 points for the period of the release of important economic news. The beginning of the level change period is considered to be the time not less than 10 minutes before the news release.

4.6.4. The company has the right to increase the value of the spread, as well as the parameter of Limit & Stop levels for orders of some financial instruments during periods of low market volatility.

4.7. The dealer reserves the right not to execute the order or to review the opening (closing) price of the order in the event of a technical failure of the trading platform, which affected the flow of quotes for financial instruments, as well as in case of other technical failures.

4.8. The client does not have the right to change or delete existing and pending orders if the price has reached the level of order execution.

4.9. Forced closing of open positions (Stop Out) on the Client’s account occurs when the Margin Level reaches 5% (five percent). However, if there are more than three open positions, the Company reserves the right, upon reaching the Margin level of 10% (ten percent), to close part of the most unprofitable of them in order to avoid a negative balance in a fast (volatile) market.

4.9.1. On W-ECN accounts, the Stop Out level is reached at 40% (forty percent) of the Margin Level

4.10. The basis for the suspension of the Company’s work or the review of the Client’s transactions will be: malfunctions in the work of Internet service providers, interruptions in information flows, hacker attacks and other illegal actions in relation to the servers and equipment of the Company, force majeure circumstances, as well as suspension of trading in financial markets affecting the financial instruments used by the Company.

4.11. The company has the right to revise (change) a trading operation in case of detection of software failures during 5 trading sessions from the moment of detection of a failure. At the same time, the Client is provided with data on the history of at least 2 independent sources of quotes.

4.12. The Client agrees that the Company has the right to cancel the trading result on the client’s transactions in the case of the systematic use of the trading strategy, in which the time between opening and closing an order (or opening a counter, fully or partially locking order) does not exceed two minutes.

4.13. If the intentions or actions of the Client are associated with the use of technical or other features (trading conditions, equipment, software) in order to profit mainly by manipulating these conditions (both on a single account and on a group of interconnected accounts), the Company has the right to cancel operations classifying them as non-trading; and in case of subsequent abuse, close the Client’s account (s) by force with payment of the amounts deposited to the trading account (s).

4.14. The client is fully responsible for performing trading operations using additional functions of the client trading terminal, such as Trailing Stop or Expert Advisor. These functions, their implementation and characteristics directly depend on the client trading terminal and cannot be controlled by the Company’s server.

4.15. The Client agrees that the Company has the right to require the Client to terminate the work of the trading adviser on the Client’s account if the number of requests to the server exceeds reasonable limits, resulting in an increased load on the server.

4.16. The company reserves the right to reduce leverage, as well as increase margin requirements, guided by increased volatility or low liquidity in the market, based on the current market situation.

5. General Provisions for Trading Digital Contracts

5.1. The client opens a DIGITAL type account for trading “American / European” digital contracts and “Digital contracts 0-100” on the Company’s website in the secure part of the website – the Trader’s Personal Account. As a result of registration, the Client is allocated a trading account number (login and trading password).

5.2. Each financial contract on this site is an individual agreement between the client and the Company and is not a security, is not subject to discussion, transfer or appointment to a third party.

5.3. The main means of applying for the purchase of “American / European” digital contracts are the platforms: WebTrader, MetaTrader 4 and mobile applications for iOS and Android. Processing of trading orders is carried out on the basis of the MetaTrader 4 trading server in the “Market Execution” execution mode.

6. General provisions of cryptocurrency trading

6.1. Cryptocurrencies are traded on a CRYPTO type trading account, previously opened in the Trader’s personal account.

6.2. The rules for concluding transactions are governed by the provisions of Section 4 “General Rules for Conclusion of Transactions” of this Agreement.

6.3. Cryptocurrencies are traded without real delivery, using the method of opening and subsequent closing of a transaction, where the trading result is the difference between the opening and closing prices of a transaction in terms of the currency of the account deposit.

6.4. The quotation flow is formed on the basis of aggregation of quotes from cryptocurrency exchanges that are in the public domain and the formation of their own list of applications for an external liquidity provider.

6.5. The execution of orders on W-CRYPTO accounts takes place in the Market Execution mode (market execution). The execution speed is not clearly regulated due to the specificity of trading in the cryptocurrency market.

6.6. The spread on cryptocurrencies depends on current market conditions and its changes can be significantly sharp.

6.7. Available leverage sizes are indicated in the section “Contract Specifications” in a special section of the site.

6.7.1. The amount of leverage can be reduced at any time without additional notice to the Client, at the Company’s discretion, based on current market conditions.

6.8. The maximum volume of one transaction, as well as the total volume of all open positions, is determined by the size of leverage and is indicated in the section “Account Types” on the site.

6.8.1. For BTCUSD and BCHUSD contracts, the maximum total position volume is 5 lots. The company has the right to close the excess part of the trading volume at the transaction opening price.

6.8.2. The company has the right at its discretion to reduce the total volume of open positions at the opening price, without prior notice to the client, based on current market conditions.

6.9. CRYPTO accounts do not accrue annual IR interest.

6.10. The company has the right to amend trading conditions for both new and already open positions without prior notice to the client.

6.11. Cryptocurrency trading can be stopped at any time without prior notice and explanation of reasons, with settlements at the last available price before stopping trading, or at a different price available on trading floors available on the market.

7. Consideration of complaints, claims and disputes

7.1. All parties are trying to resolve disputes through negotiations and correspondence. Claims of the Client are accepted by the Company for consideration only in writing and no later than three calendar days from the date of the dispute.

7.2. All customer appeals are considered official and are considered as written / form appeals if made using the interface of the Company’s website (in the Trader’s Office), by e-mail specified during registration at the addresses of the relevant services of the Company or by regular mail. Calls made using online communicator programs: Skype, Telegram, Messenger, online support chat and the like are not considered written.

7.3. The time for consideration by the Company of a Client’s claim is no more than ten business days from the date of receipt from the Client of all necessary and sufficient data related to this claim and necessary to resolve it.

7.4 The Company has the right not to consider a customer’s claim if the text of the complaint contains obscene language, offensive content addressed to the Company or employees, threats to the denial of the Company’s image in social networks or other public resources.

7.5. The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate the contractual relationship with the Customer, fully or partially restricting the Customer’s use of the Company’s services, with immediate effect and without mandatory notification to the Customer if the Company finds objective and reasonable reasons for this. The Company has the right not to state such reasons to the Client.

7.6. In the event of a disagreement regarding the operations or the status of the Client’s trading account, the parties shall consider the minutes of the Client’s operations based on the data of the Company.